What it is all about

Some days I get so wrapped up in my work I forget about my surroundings and just focus on work.  But once I hear a child laugh or a baby cry in the playroom I come back to reality...to the reasons I am in working in such deep concentration. Miki, our executive director and fellow OSU fan (had to throw that in there since it is game day tomorrow…Go Pokes!) is always reminding the staff to take at least 15 minutes of our day to spend time in the playroom...I take this very seriously!   You will see me in the playroom at least twice a day stealing a baby from a volunteers arms, I have been called a "baby hog" just a few times.  Making a toddler laugh or feeding a baby their bottle is the most blessed feeling in the world.   It is like therapy...every other worry washes away. I feel so blessed I am "required" to go out into the playroom everyday to spend time with a baby.