Time to Have a Talk with Your Baby

At Infant Crisis Services, we believe reading to your baby at an early age is extremely important. That's why every client who comes through our doors leaves with a book at each visit. According to researchers at Stanford University, reading, or more importantly, talking to your baby is crucial to their language development. Sure they may not understand what you are saying, but exposing them to words and longer sentences earlier in life can not only improve and build their vocabulary, but can also help sharpen their brain's ability to process language skills.

The Stanford study found that infants who were talked to directly developed greater efficiency in language processing and learned new words quicker. It's interesting to note that the babies benefited most when they were talked to directly, instead of simply overhearing conversations between two adults.

In fact, the researchers found that the word gap begins as early as 18 months old. This study also revealed that babies growing up in low-income families were spoken to less often and thus lagged two years behind their peers in language development tests.

So pick up a book and read to your baby... or better yet, chat with her about life, your plans for the week, your hopes and dreams for her, or any other topic that comes to mind. She may not be the best conversationalist yet, but your frequent talks could make her a polished communicator when she grows up.