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Sherri and her son in 1992.

You're probably familiar with #GivingTuesday but at Infant Crisis Services we're celebrating #ThankfulTuesday.

Thank you for all you do for Infant Crisis Services and the babies and toddlers we serve. We are grateful for you each and every day.

Sherri's Story

Sherri used our services 27 years ago!  Here is her story:

Sherri became a single mother at the young age of 16. With little to no help from her family, she spent most of her pregnancy fending for herself. After her son was born, she took various jobs and did the best she could but knew she still needed help.  

When she came to Infant Crisis Services her diaper budget was two diapers a day. She came in for diapers but left with a bag full of diapers, formula and clothing.

“I was treated like an adult and a mother trying to help her son.”

Sherri vividly remembers looking through the items and noticed that some of the clothes still had tags on them.

“I was used to getting people’s hand me downs and appreciated it greatly, but to be able to feel like a mom and put a new outfit on my son was incredible.”

Today Sherri is married and owns a photo booth rental business.

“Some might think that getting pajamas with a tag on it is no big deal, but it was a huge deal. I needed someone to believe in me and tell me I could do it. I could succeed, I could beat the odds, I could refuse to be a statistic. I needed hope and that bag of formula, diapers and pajamas, complete with tags, gave me just that.”

When you contribute to Infant Crisis Services, you contribute to hope. It is disguised in every item given out to those in need. Thank you so much for believing in our mission and taking the time to contribute hope. Stories like this would not be possible with your support. We are so thankful for YOU

Your Impact

Thank you from the babies!