Staff New Year's Resolutions

Miki Farris, Executive Director

My New Year’s Resolution is to tackle the “piles” at home and at work. I often add to “the pile” of filing or calls to be made at work or the “pile” of magazines or t-shirts to be put away instead of dealing with the issue at hand at the time. This is only one in a series of simplifying and de-cluttering both home and office. Wish me luck…I am an expert at building mile high piles!

Judith Cope, Outreach Coordinator

Be on time to work every day- day 2 of failing
Eat breakfast everyday- day 4 of failing
Live on a strict financial budget for 2011 so I can save a lot more!
Take a class in photography or cooking

Beth Lykins, Director of Volunteers

My New Year’s resolution is to NOT eat the chocolate I put out for the volunteers!!!

Bill McCabe, Faclities Coodinator

Help my wife around the house more
Be kinder to my wife's sister
Be kind to strangers
Give Beth (Director of Volunteers) a harder time