Someone To Watch Over Me

I had the fortune of helping families this afternoon.  My favorite observation for the day was of four-year-old Justice in his turquoise glasses standing guard over his baby sister, Makayla. He stoically watched over her. 

At times nonchalantly standing by the stroller, or playing with blocks nearby.  I also observed him gently blocking other toddlers that came a little too close to his precious cargo.  His mom, Melissa, said he was a great big brother.  Isn’t it interesting how soon children learn their roles in the family? 

His older sister, Marissa, was not the least bit concerned about her little sister…she had Justice who was handling that job beautifully.  I think Makalyla will always have someone watching over her.  I bet Justice will be a terrific big brother all of his life. 

Melissa has a lot on her plate providing for her children, and she is very grateful for the occasional assistance we provide.  We are very grateful to be able to step in and help when families have nowhere to turn.  Thank you Justice for making my day!