"Project to Go" Packs

This is a great volunteer opportunity you can do from home and is an amazing opportunity for all ages.
 ·Good project for families with small children
 ·Great for groups
 ·Great for individuals
 The packs are easy to assemble. You can collect the items via donation drive or you can purchase them yourself. Follow the instructions and bring them to us when they are complete. You can make as many as you like!

Assemble “Project-to-Go” Packs
 Project 1: Healthy Snacks for toddlers (Project 1 instructions)
 Project 2: Thanksgiving Meals for babies or toddlers (Project 2 instructions)
 Project 3: Hygiene Bags for families (Project 3 instructions)
 Project 4: Holiday Gift Packs for Infants (Project 4 instructions)
 Project 5: Holiday Gift Packs for Toddlers (Project 5 instructions)

When you complete your project, please fill out the micro-volunteerism form and bring it with you to the donor door at 4224 N. Lincoln Blvd. in Oklahoma City.
 If you need a receipt for your donation, a volunteer at the donor door will assist you.
 By completing this project, you will be providing hope and relief to families in need. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

For more information and to get signed up to be a micro volunteer, please email Elizabeth Kelley, Volunteer Coordinator