Our Secret Garden

I'm revealing a secret that not many people know... In fact, I've worked at Infant Crisis Services for months, and didn't even know about this until just a few days ago... We have our very own vegetable garden!

It may not be the most impressive garden. Currently, we are only growing tomatoes and cucumbers, but as someone who has always wanted to try her hand at growing produce, this was exciting news for me!

Now that we are finally done with winter (hopefully) it is time to plant our vegetables, and we had some great helpers lend a hand.

A group of volunteers from the Disney Store came out this week to dig, till and fill our three small planter boxes.

They brought the cutest little helper on the planet too! Her name is Layla, and she is full of personality! She wore a Disney princess shirt, carried a bucket and shovel and sang Taylor Swift songs while she worked. Now, here is the best part of the story: Layla is a former client. It is so great to see her thriving in life, knowing at one point, we helped her in a time of need. It's also great to see her at such a young age already on the path to helping others. 

This group was so much fun to have at Infant Crisis Services. We are so appreciative for all of their hard work to help our little garden and our littlest citizens grow!