Oh How Summer is Upon Us

As we swelter together through Oklahoma’s June heat, all I can think about is my summer vacation. Where am I going this year? Will it be laying on the beaches of California with my family or visiting with my best friend, Kevin, at his back woods cabin deep in the cool woods of North Carolina or maybe bear hunting with a friend in the mountains of Montana.

I haven’t decided where I’ll go yet, but anywhere seems to trump another day of 105 degrees. Wouldn’t you agree? My head is filled with thoughts of hotel deals, car rentals, and which airline won’t jip me on a 51 pound suitcase I’ve worked three days to zip closed! For two weeks, each year, I get to walk away from it all and take a little trip to get the R&R I desperately “think” I need. Wherever I go, I’ll most certainly take pictures, dotting over them for the next year, after all who doesn’t take pictures to show their family and friends? Oh, I’ll probably buy a few souvenirs to remember the occasion or to share with some special people when I get back.

This year, as Infant Crisis Services launched its “hunger never takes a vacation” campaign I started thinking about families who never get my “two week luxury.” What if the tiny 6 pound newborn had to wait two weeks before we were able to help her mother with formula? “She barely makes it two hours before it's time to get a new bottle ready,” her mother says.

Hunger doesn’t walk away from 15 month old Eli, who just learned to say “bye- bye!” What if he had to wait on me? During June, July, August and on and on, hunger will be present for the babies and toddlers of central Oklahoma, whose families struggle to provide basic needs like food, formula and diapers. So before you walk down the terminal at Will Rogers or set sail on the cruise of a lifetime, remember that “hunger never takes a vacation.”

- Judith Cope, Outreach Coordinator