No More Naked Barbies

A few weeks ago, right before central Oklahoma was plagued with a series of violent tornadoes, I posted this somewhat silly picture on our Infant Crisis Services Facebook page.

I did so after finding a plastic tub containing dozens of donated Barbie dolls in our HUB. All but one of the Barbies was naked! Renee Vincent, our program coordinator who oversees our HUB, told me we couldn't give away the Barbies until we had clothes for them... Hence, the censored picture, which was attached to an appeal for Barbie clothes.

A couple days later a massive tornado hit Moore, and Barbie clothes took a cliff dive off of our priority list. 

So imagine our surprise when we received a colorful envelope Thursday all the way from Finland containing... you guessed it... Barbie clothes!

I was 1) shocked that someone from Finland actually saw our Facebook post, 2) moved that the aforementioned Finnish person handmade dresses for our naked Barbies, and 3) tickled that the tiny Barbie clothes had to go through customs just to get to us.
So without further ado, here they are.. Barbie and her friends looking quite stylish in their new attire. To that very sweet, loving person in Finland who donated these outfits, everyone at Infant Crisis Services says "kiitos!" (that's Finnish for Thank You!)