National Toddler Month

August is National Toddler Month, and at Infant Crisis Services we are paying special attention to the dietary and developmental needs of our older clients. As babies enter into toddlerhood, the looming Terrible Two stage can overwhelm even the most composed of parents. However, The Terrible Twos can actually be manageable if parents know how to prepare their 2-to-4-year-olds for these transitional years.
Nutrition is a major part of a toddler’s happy and healthy development. According to California WIC, it is important for these little ones to eat 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks every day. They should be drinking no more than 16 ounces of milk per day and no more than 4 ounces of juice. Although juice may seem like a healthy alternative to milk and water, it can fill a toddler up and prevent them from eating balanced meals. Instead of serving your toddler juice to drink, try giving them fruit as one of their snacks.
Toddlers should also be receiving a balanced diet of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk products and protein foods every day. A good rule-of-thumb for portion sizing is to give your toddler about 1 tablespoon of each food group for each year of their age. An appropriate meal for a three-year old, for example, would be three tablespoons of broccoli and three tablespoons of noodles. Let them ask for more if they are still hungry.
Infant Crisis Services makes sure what we give to our clients is nutritious. The toddler pack we give out will provide a week’s worth of food and includes: two boxes of cereal/or 1 box of oatmeal and one box of cereal, three cans of fruit, three cans of veggies, one can of black beans, one can of spaghetti sauce, one package of spaghetti, one bag dried of beans and one loaf of bread.
Exploration and creativity are some of the most exciting characteristics of toddlerhood. Playing with your toddler and joining in their imaginative processes will help you learn about their thoughts and feelings. At Infant Crisis Services, our volunteers and staff love to have a tea party with a toddler or help them make a healthy meal in the kitchen. The playroom was designed to motivate toddlers to be creative and to provide a comfortable environment.
Toddlers are at the age for pre-school, potty training, doctor and dentist visits. These new experiences can be overwhelming for parents and toddlers, so it is important to be encouraging and patient to help toddlers achieve success. Every few months, Infant Crisis Services invites Kool Smiles or Ocean Dental to visit to educate our toddlers and their parents about the importance of brushing their teeth.
With the love and support of their parents and a little help from Infant Crisis Services, our toddler clients should not have any Terrible Two troubles. Help your toddler grow up happy and healthy this National Toddler Month with formula, food, and diapers from Infant Crisis Services!