My first week

When I started interning at Infant Crisis Services a few weeks ago I was expecting to be given certain tasks. Being the intern at a nonprofit you know things like stuffing envelopes, donor databases and media clippings will be sent your way. But, here I get to do so much more. I get to play with babies at work.

My first week here I shadowed a volunteer as she was assisting a client. The next time I went out to help the volunteers I was sent out on my own to help a client myself. I have to admit I was kind of nervous. One of the thoughts running across my mind was, “What if this mother can tell I haven’t done this before!”Luckily the nerves didn’t show through, I don’t think. It was really incredible speaking with the mom as she held her three-month-old little girl. She was a beautiful baby. I couldn’t help feeling so lucky that I have been given this opportunity to influence the lives of clients who walk through our doors in some way. Holding babies, playing games with toddlers and changing diapers is such a wonderful part of my job.

Some days it takes some motivation to wake up early (7 a.m. is early for a college student), but when it means helping our clients, getting out of bed is made significantly easier. I know that when I am at Infant Crisis Services if I ever get frustrated with an excel sheet that won’t cooperate, or any other menial problem in my life, I can go out with the volunteers and be reminded of why it all happens. Feeding and diapering babies and toddlers who need our help. What an incredible internship to have.