Kindness, Compassion, Respect and Love

I was walking through the playroom the other day and saw this beautiful baby girl, Rebecca, sitting in her car seat with her bright pink Crocs kicking from side to side. She soon began to fuss. Her bright eyes glistened from the coming tears.

Before I could make my way to her, one of our volunteers swooped in, lifting her from the car seat and began rocking her back and forth in her arms. Mom heard the familiar whimper, set down her basket and came up to check on her adorable little baby. Rebecca was smiling and pulling on the volunteers’ hair. She just wanted to be held.

“Mom,” said our volunteer. “I’d be happy to take care of her while you finish picking out her clothes.” Mom smiled, said thank you and went back to sorting through our hangers of clothes with her basket.

Through this very simple moment, between our volunteer, our client and her mom, I was reminded of our core values – kindness, compassion, respect & love. Our volunteer showed the mom kindness and respect, speaking to her kindly and loving on Rebecca as she held her. And moments like this, I see every day from our volunteers and staff.

Our core values embody everything we do, and every single person, big and small, are treated with these four values. We know the importance of making our clients feel welcomed. Our clients are in serious need, feeling helpless and sometimes ashamed with their pride bruised and weak. We understand life’s events and incidents can knock people off their feet. We strive to be the safety net that catches them, and to make them feel okay about asking us for help. And we successfully do this through those very special core values.

Cassandra Wedekind, Donor Relations Coordinator