Giving Back through Reading

I continue to be inspired every day by the families we serve, the donors who give and the volunteers who are so dedicated to Infant Crisis Services. 

Thursday, I was privileged to meet a woman who was all three of those inspirations in one.

Tamara Larin Anttila spent the morning at Infant Crisis Services handing out free books to parents in our lobby.

It is a place Tamara knows very well. In 2005, she and her husband had just moved to Oklahoma from Colorado with their three young children. The family was struggling just to pay the bills, with a toddler and newborn twins, they turned to Infant Crisis Services.

"Infant Crisis Services was there in a time when we needed help," Tamara explained. 

Eight years have passed since the family first came to us. Tamara now has three healthy boys, a 10-year-old and 8-year-old twins. Her husband eventually got a job as a firefighter and she started her own business. Although, they've overcome the crisis that once brought them to us, they never forgot the help they received during that time. 

So Tamara wanted to give back in a way that was personal to her.

"My passion for reading was born out of having three small children. You spend many late nights and early mornings awake. Reading motivated me, and it was an escape," she explained. 

That's why Tamara joined World Book Night, a movement of 25,000 volunteers who give away books to people who don't regularly read.

Tamara selected the book "The Language of Flowers" to hand out, an inspiring story about a young orphan woman who overcomes the negative experiences in her life, and learns to express herself through flowers.

Tamara's hope is that by volunteering her morning giving away books, she can provide a little inspiration and a little comfort for other moms in their time of crisis.