Executive Director Miki Farris Loves Her Job

I love my job! There are just no two ways about it. I wake up every morning anxious to see what the new day will bring. It is like directing a huge orchestra. So many beautiful contributions made by so many to insure that no baby or toddler go hungry. I tried to decide which part of the orchestra I liked the most! I finally decided I liked all of it. Here’s why….I just walked through the playroom. There around the toy table were six or so volunteers sharing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Not six good friends but six volunteers who didn’t know each other before but are drawn together because they want to be a part of our mission to feed and diaper the smallest of the poor and hungry in our community. Earlier, as I walked through the clothing and playroom, I held a 4 pound baby boy. He was no bigger than a minute and was as light as a feather. His little sister immediately let me know that he was her baby and alerted her mom as well that a stranger had picked up the newest member of their family. I then went to a Teen Board Committee meeting. There again were volunteers, board members and staff dedicated to helping the Teen Board put on their auction fundraiser on April 23rd. Together they are planning, sharing, and enjoying the journey with the teens in making this year’s event a success. I’ve had numerous visits from staff members today as well. Each of them reporting on their progress of their projects. Everyone is doing their part to make sure the organization runs smoothly and the babies are helped. I’m hoping next I can help open mail. I love opening the mail, reading a sweet note from a donor, receiving a tribute gift honoring a loved one or a donation in response to one of our appeals or special events. Once again I am reminded of how many generous people give of their “treasure” each and every day. Seriously…who could ask for more? Babies, volunteers, donors, staff, and clients all are playing a part in the great concert each day at Infant Crisis Services. And I have been fortunate to be a part of the concert for nearly 26 years. Did I tell you…. I love my job!