Double Trouble

Everyone at Infant Crisis Services knows Terry and Sandy. They are always ALWAYS cracking jokes and making the staff and volunteers laugh, but they are also come of the most caring and companionate women you will meet. I sat down for a little interview.
How did you all meet?
Sandy: Somewhere between 1982-1983 at Willey Post Elementary.
Why did you want to volunteer at Infant Crisis Services?
Terry: We are both very child orientated people.
Sandy: We feel we have a responsibility for children in the community, and you can’t just run up to someone at the grocery store and ask them if you can hold their baby while you shop.
What is a story that has affected you the most at Infant Crisis Services?
Sandy: A lady came in to Infant Crisis Services and she was living out of her car. Her car had been robbed and she came in for services. I swear her baby was wearing a paper towel as a diaper because she had nothing else.
Terry: Last week, a mother came in for services and her situation was something that was only temporary. But she was looking through the Halloween outfits and came across a Snow White costume. Her daughter had been begging her for a Snow White dress. It was like the universe came together at that time.
Then they just started talking and didn’t need me to interview them anymore….
Sandy: I remember when a woman had left her baby on her sister’s doorstep. The sister had no idea what to do with a baby. But everyone here found resources to help her.
Terry: Yes, everyone works together…not just throwing stuff at them. Make them feel like they have a friend and someone who wants to take care of them.
Sandy: I always feel like I am welcomed and useful when I volunteer. Even if it has to be something where I am sitting down all day I still feel useful… (tearing up). Well now I am getting all emotional.
Terry: Just with this one building you all are already doing so much…you don’t have to expand, but you do with the branches and the mobile unit.
Sandy: You know Monty (her husband) has already offered to drive the van during disasters… (looking up at the ceiling) Lord help us all.
I could listen to these ladies all day, but they had to get back to volunteering. These are just two of the hundreds of wonderful volunteers we have!! We couldn’t feed babies without every single one of them.