Baby hairstyles

I admit to be an avid baby lover!  I can’t help it.  They are so tiny and vulnerable.  They are so cute and so unique.  When I have the opportunity…I want to hold and rock as many of our little clients as I can.  My favorite sight is the many hairdo’s of our little clients.  They fall into several categories.  There are the full head of hair babies.  They almost appear to be wearing a little wig.  They maybe only a few days old but they require a hair bow or headband to keep their mane tamed. 

As they get a little older if they are the girls they have a fountain ponytail on the top of their heads.  This helps to keep the top part of their thick head of hair under control.  The second type is the bald or nearly bald baby.  They look like little “old” people.  Just as cute but lack the additional fringe around their face.  The last category are the wild child hair do’s.  Curly, straight, long and short but always free and flying in the wind. 

 Looking at each of them you can appreciate how we are all created so uniquely.  What a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to enjoy  and provide for the many little ones we are privileged to serve.  Stop by sometime when you are in the neighborhood and witness firsthand the multitude of baby hairstyles and faces, we know you will be glad that you did!



Always for the babies,
Miki Farris, Executive Director