A Steadfast Spirit

Working at Infant Crisis Services, we meet some pretty amazing people. We hear stories of hardship that will move you to tears and stories of perseverance that will inspire you. 

Today, our outreach coordinator, Judith Cope, met a woman who's steadfast spirit was incredible.

Her name is May Spears. She's a 73-year-old widow and the caregiver to her six great-great nieces and nephews. You read that right... She is raising GREAT-GREAT nieces and nephews. We don't know all of the circumstances which brought the children into May's custody, but most of them have been with her since they were born. Judith met May at the Mary Mahoney Health Center where she was assisting clients on the BabyMobile, our new mobile diaper, formula and baby food pantry.

We were able to provide May with essentials for her little ones, and in turn, she was able to provide us with a big dose of inspiration. How May has the energy to raise six kids on her own is beyond me, but she does it with a smile on her face and without complaint.

She is also a farmer, and has been all of her life. If you've ever met a farmer, you know they aren't afraid of hard work. They are up before the sun, and work very long hours. May has been able to care for her family without the assistance of food stamps. She will be the first to admit, she doesn't have much, but what she does have is perseverance, determination and a spirit of endurance that many half her age can't match.