A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Our BabyMobile has now been in operation for a full month, and things are going strong! We are seeing roughly 40-50 clients every day it goes out. Many of those clients are new to Infant Crisis Services, including little Ike. The first thing we noticed about Ike was his beautiful, bright blue eyes! He captured our hearts right away. Despite his sunny smile, Ike hasn't had it easy. He was born six weeks early and has signs of a disease that affects his kidneys and liver. Now as a toddler, he suffers from incontinence and other serious medical issues.

But the problems for the family don't stop there. His mother, Heidi Ann, an OU alumna with an education degree, and his father, Chris, tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to have a child. So when Ike came along, they felt truly blessed! During their fertility struggles, the couple had two miscarriages and discovered Heidi Ann has kidney and liver disease. Due to her illness, she lost her teaching job and since has had difficulty finding employment. Recently, Chris has also been furloughed one day a week, which created another financial struggle for the family.

That's what brought them to Infant Crisis Services. They visited the BabyMobile while at Mary Mahoney Health Center. We are very happy to be able to help Ike and his family through this difficult time. It's great to know he won't miss a meal or a diaper change, and he will be able to keep that sweet smile that warmed all of our hearts.